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Why the Hiking Harness? Water and Fall Safety

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October Outdoor Family Calendar

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Why a Child Hiking Harness?

We started in 2012 because we are active parents who wanted to teach our daughter to love the outdoors as much as we do and to be as active as we are. When our daughter was 3-years old, we wanted to take her hiking in one of our favorite places, Glacier National Park. However, we needed a way to make sure she was safe, yet allow her some mobility to really enjoy the hiking experience. When we couldn’t find the type of child hiking harness that met our needs, we decided to design something ourselves. Learn more about this product

My daughter can run ahead of us, around us, behind us, climb and roll, and do it all safely within our reach. Let’s Go Kiddo; it really is mobility + security = enjoyment!

Mommy Connections

With it being rattle snake season in Southern California, I was very glad I had this harness to help control the kid’s curiosity. I didn't feel like I was holding them back or they were holding me back from the hike.

Girly Camping

Overall this product is a home run. For one it made it much easier on ole dad as I didn't have to pack him the entire time. Also it made Wyatt happy because he could explore a little bit more than usual. Whether you are taking your toddler to the mall, park, or checking deer cameras the Let’s Go Kiddo harness is a winner.

Kyle Geary, Average Outsdoorsman


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Seeing life through the eyes of a kiddo, KiddoGear continues to grow into a bigger vision of helping busy families minimize the challenges of life in order to get outdoors.